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Mylène combination cabinet
Regular price $2,999.00 FromMinimum price $1,999.00 Maximum price $2,199.00
6 3
Mireille French tea cabinet sideboard
Regular price $5,499.00 Sale price $3,699.00
0 2
Margaux French entrance sideboard cabinet
Minimum price $3,499.00 Maximum price $3,999.00
1 2
Huguette color-blocked solid wood mid century sideboard
Regular price $25,040.00 Sale price $3,499.00
2 4
Garcelle French retro cherry wood TV cabinet
Minimum price $3,999.00 Maximum price $4,999.00
0 1 1
Elsje MCM cabinet vintage sideboard
Regular price $2,399.00 FromMinimum price $0.00 Maximum price $1,799.00

Your dream, our creation.

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Celine mid century sideboard cabinet
Regular price $4,499.00 Sale price $3,199.00
2 3
Bram Teak Roller Door Side Cabinet
Regular price $5,499.00 FromMinimum price $3,599.00 Maximum price $4,499.00
0 2
Eléonore mid century solid wood TV cabinet
Regular price $19,800.00 Sale price $4,299.00
0 1
Anaïs Entrance French Retro Drawer Sideboard Cabinet
Regular price $3,799.00 Sale price $2,999.00

About The Brand

When it comes to furniture, there are two essential factors to consider - design and comfort. The perfect combination of both can transform a living space while enhancing the overall appeal of a home. However, most of the time, finding that perfect combination can come with an astronomical price tag. This is where Dill & Johan Furniture comes into play – a one-stop-shop for those looking to merge both design and comfort while keeping affordability in mind. Based out of Bondi, Dill & Johan aims to make high-end minimalist furniture accessible to all, without compromising on quality.

One of the most significant benefits of Dill & Johan furniture is the accessibility it offers to everyone. Their philosophy is rooted in the belief that good design is for everyone, and they aim to create timeless pieces without compromising on quality or cost. Their collection not only creates a statement but is also driven to bring art and design into our everyday lives.

Their use of rich dark tones and earthy colors, combined with the use of sustainable materials, makes their collection eco-friendly while maintaining a timeless appeal. Their focus on the quality and longevity of their furniture attests to their passion for design and craftsmanship.

Another factor that sets Dill & Johan furniture apart from its competitors is its personalized customization services. The company offers unique pieces for those looking for something custom made or a replica of a specific design. This service opens the possibilities for customers to get their dream furniture tailored for their home and budget.